Pharrell Williams: The Story

Pharrell Lancilo Williams was born on April 5, 1973, in Virginia. While in summer band camp, he met Chad Hugo, and the two started performing with Sha Haley and Mike Etheridge as The Neptunes. After graduation, the group signed with Teddy Riley. At this point, Pharrell Williams’ net worth started growing. He got his break writing a verse and helping produce the Wreckx-N-Effect’s Rump Shaker.’ Williams and Hugo continued to work on their own as a production duo.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

Creating a distinctive sound, The Neptunes produced Britney Spears’ eponymous album, which became a defining moment in their careers. Williams, Hugo, and Haley released the album, ‘In Search of…’ under the name NERD. Their album was a success, and The Neptunes were named Producers of the Year at 2002 BMAs.

Stellar Success & ‘Happy’

The duo went on to release the chart-topper ‘The Neptunes Present…Clones’ and NERD’s funk rock album ‘Fly or Die.’ They continued their collaborations, producing for Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Gwen Stefani, and Nelly. Pharrell was featured on Snoop Dogg’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, which became his first number one single.

Pharrell’s debut album ‘In My Mind’ featured Kanye West, Gwen Stefani, Slim Thug, and Clipse released in 2006 to mixed critics and modest sales. Williams continued his solo production work for big-name artists like Beyonce, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Shakira, JLo, and Game, just to name a few. As reported by Forbes, Pharrell Williams’ net worth increased significantly in 2012, thanks to the $7 million in annual earnings.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

NERD released their album ‘Nothing’ while the singer and producer worked on the soundtrack for the movie Despicable Me and its sequel. The song from Despicable Me 2 called ‘Happy’ topped the charts worldwide and became the best-selling song in the US in 2014 with 6.45 million copies sold. ‘Happy’ was featured on Williams’ second solo effort ‘Girl’ and earned a Grammy for Best Music Video and Best Pop Solo Performance for its live version.

So, how much money has Pharrell made from the song ‘Happy’? If you think that the hottest song would have raked in millions, think again. The singer made only $3,000 from Pandora’s songwriter royalty payments and approximately $25,000 from performance rights payments. Still, according to Forbes, Pharrell Williams’ net worth in 2014 skyrocketed, as the artist earned $22 million in that year only.

‘Blurred Lines’ & other ventures

The singer and produced, wrote and was featured on Daft Punk’s hit single ‘Get Lucky’ and on Robin Thicke’s single ‘Blurred Lines’ alongside T.I. Both songs became a global success, and Williams’ entered the history as the 12th artist to hold number one and two on Billboard Hot 100. Pharrell’s net worth boomed, as his share of ‘Blurred Lines’ profits were north of $5 million. Appearing as a judge in The Voice and his business ventures also proved lucrative for Pharrell’s net worth. The singer/songwriter created the I am OTHER company, which includes various entertainment ventures ranging from music to multimedia.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

Williams is also the creator of the internet talk show ARTIST TLK and of the children’s picture book Happy, which was inspired by his award-winning song. The artist is also passionate about fashion. He used his fashion-forward style to create the Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream clothing lines. Furthermore, he helped produce a unisex fragrance with Comme des Garçons, a jewelry and glasses line for Louis Vuitton, shirts for Uniqlo, and a series of sunglasses for Moncler. Williams also has an eco-friendly textile company called Bionic Yarn and multi-million endorsements with Adidas and Timberland. With $19.5 million annual earnings in 2016, Pharrell Williams’ net worth has reached $150 million.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth & Spending Habits

So, how much money does Pharrell Williams make a year? Well, it’s hard to tell. However, here is a look at some of his expensive goodies. After all, you can tell how much a man is earning by looking at his expenses.

At one point, he owned an 18-carat gold Blackberry and a Hermes manbag of $67,000. The producer also spends money on his wife, model and designer Helen Lasichanh. Their wedding took place at the Kampong National Tropical Botanical Gardens in Miami after which the couple sailed off on a yacht that rents for $19,000 a day.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

Pharrell Williams’ cars are also part of his expenses. His garage holds a Ferrari Enzo, McLaren Roadster, Porsche 550 Spyder, Rolls-Royce Phantom, and Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR. Pharrell’s house is located in Los Angeles and has a price tag of $7.1 million. The sleek and modern mansion, called Skyline Residence, is a fusion of futuristic construction qualities and contemporary architecture. Thanks to the hilltop position, it boasts incredible views and features an infinity pool, multiple outdoor lounge areas, a master suite with a fireplace and sitting area, and a detached guesthouse.

Williams also uses his wealth to help others. He has created a non-profit organization named From One Hand To AnOTHER and funded community programs. The artist also helped build an after-school resource center in his hometown. He supports numerous other charities, including Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, Indigenous Environmental Network, Joining Forces, Nordoff Robbins, and Soledad O’Brien & Brad Raymond Foundation.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth: CelebJury Ruling

Pharrell, a singer, songwriter, and record producer, has made quite a name for himself. The man of many talents has produced some of the greatest hits in the last decade and gained worldwide recognition. The business ventures and lucrative endorsements have also built up Pharrell Williams’ net worth, which is set to increase even more in the years to come. Visit CelebJury to find more celebrity net worth articles.


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