Nas: The Story

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones was born on September 14, 1973, in Queens, New York. Growing up in Queensbridge Houses, Nas started developing a talent for writing. After dropping out of school in eighth grade, his talent went into another direction – rap lyrics. He made his rapping debut as Nasty Nas in 1991, with a guest verse on ‘Live at the Barbecue’ by Main Source. The big break was his first solo track ‘Halftime’ from the ‘Zebrahead’ soundtrack, in collaboration with Large Professor. Nas’ net worth was set to grow as his rhyming skills quickly drew the attention of the hip-hop world.

Nas Net Worth

Nas’ first album, ‘Illmatic’, debuted at number 3 on Billboard’s R&B chart and was acknowledged as a true classic. Its follow-up, ‘It Was Written’, reached number 1 Billboard’s both Pop and R&B charts. Featuring collaborations with Dr. Dre, Lauryn Hill, R Kelly, and Foxy Brown, the album spawned many hits and eventually went platinum. Eager to experiment, Nas became a part of the short-lived supergroup ‘The Firm’, along with AZ, Cormega, and Foxy Brown. The group released their first album, ‘The Firm: The Album’, which didn’t quite live up to the audience’s expectations.

His next project, ‘I Am…The Autobiography’ was a double album with each song telling a story of Nas’ life. The collaboration with P Diddy, ‘Hate Me Now’, marked his move toward a more commercial style combined with experimental and street style. Later in the same year, the rapper released ‘Nostradamus’ which reached number 2 on Billboard R&B chart. Rapper Nas’ net worth was growing, and he got even more popular after engaging in a feud with Jay Z.

Both of them were claiming the rap scene throne, which inspired Eminem to cite both of them in his song ‘Till I Collapse’. Nas’ best album yet came in 2002. Entitled ‘God’s Son’, it also spawned his biggest hit to date, ‘I Can’. A year later, the rapper released ‘Made You Look: God’s Son Live’, a live performance featuring Jadakiss, Ludacris, and Darryl McDaniels.

Nas’ seventh album was ‘Street’s Disciple’, which saw the rapper’s commercial success decline. However, after reconciling with Jay Z, the rapper signed with Def Jam Records. The contract was worth $3 million, including a recording budget for each of the next two Nas’ albums – ‘Hip-Hop is Dead’ and ‘Untitled’.

Nas Net Worth

Following the release of the album ‘Distant Relatives’, in collaboration with reggae singer Damian Marley, Nas promoted his eleventh studio album ‘Life Is Good’. The album, which the rapper considered a magic moment in his career, debuted at number one on Billboard 200. Enjoying his great success, Nas collaborated with Justin Bieber for the song ‘We Are’ and was featured on DJ Khaled’s track ‘Nas Album Done’, as well as on ‘It’s Secured’, alongside Travis Scott.

The net worth of Nas is largely pushed by his appearances in TV shows and movies. Before the documentary about his iconic debut album was released in 2014, Nas was part of the movies ‘Belly’, ‘Sacred is the Flesh’, ‘Hawaii Five-O’, and ‘Black Nativity’, and had a cameo role in the TV series ‘This is Us’. The rap star was also a producer of the Netflix series ‘The Get Down’ and the skateboarding movie ‘The Land’.

Aside from the entertainment industry, Nas’ net worth continuously grows thanks to his business ventures and savvy investments. Nas’ investments make a big part of his wealth, as he has invested in over 40 start-ups in a range of sectors including financial technology, music production, and healthcare.

Additionally, he has become a partner with Rock The Bells music festival, the e-commerce company 12Society, Hennessy, and, as of recently, the NYC restaurant Sweet Chick. The rapper is also a proud owner of a Vegas-based sneaker boutique, ‘12 AM’. Nas has been in the spotlight many times due to his high-profile relationships. From Kelis and Mary J. Blige to Nicki Minaj, the rapper never ceased to draw attention.

Nas Net Worth

While Nas’ name is not the first that pops up in our mind when we think about the hip-hop elite, he has been steadily building his fortune in silence. Being one of the greatest venture capitalists, Nas’ net worth is poised to boom. So, it won’t be a surprise if, several years from now, Nas becomes a billionaire. But, for now, despite claiming that Nas’ net worth is 200 million, the rapper is not even close to the top 5 richest in the hip-hop industry. Although there’s no exact record of how much is Nasir Jones worth, the estimations revolve around the number of $50 million.

Nas Net Worth & Spending Habits

Although he’s not on the list of richest rappers according toForbes, Nas’ net worth has been steadily rising alongside his fame since he was only a teenager. He can now afford to live his dream, finally landing the car he had always wanted – a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 190E and customized it completely.

Nas Net Worth

He also owns a Ferrari California and a GTC Sports Coupe. The rap icon also owns some jewelry masterpieces including a Rolex Gold Masterpiece and a Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Small Second.

Nas’ house was his Georgia mansion which he lost due to foreclosure in 2011 when he faced some financial troubles. The estate, which the rapper purchased for $585,000, was sold at a public auction for $348,000. The current address of Nas remains undisclosed.

Seeing how much Nas’ net worth is, it’s safe to say that a big portion of his wealth goes to charity. He’s one of the biggest philanthropists in the industry, supporting foundations like the Chris Webber Foundation, UNICEF, Common Ground Foundation, and Save The Music Foundation. Moreover, the rap star is known for his random acts of good – he once raised over $60,000 to help a single father who had lost his home in a fire.

Nas Net Worth: CelebJury Ruling

The rapper is one of the greatest musicians alive and an incredibly clever entrepreneur, who rose to fame and fortune with the release of his first album, ‘Illmatic’, and his smart investments. Not surprisingly,
Nas’ net worth looks at a bright future and maybe even at a billion dollar mark. While that happens, come back to CelebJury for more celebrity net worth articles.