Smoking is a very bad habit which can lead to many health issues. Yet, cigarettes have had their time and place in art and celebrity culture since forever. Nowadays, we know of many celebrity stars who are addicted to nicotine. Take a sneak peek into the list of celebrities who smoke.

There’s a reason why Lana Del Rey is at the top of our list. Cigarettes have been a part of her vintage bad girl style throughout her career. From fashion editorials and video clips to her daily life, it’s not unusual to see Lana with a cigarette in her hand. The ‘Video Games’ singer has been smoking since she was 17 and today she can’t perform on the entire show without smoking her favorite cigarette brand, ‘Camel’.

Kate Hudson is well known for promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle. Recently, she has promoted her ‘Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body’ book and was engaged in a purely alkaline diet. However, Kate is a passionate smoker. Her favorite is the 36% free-base nicotine cigarettes ‘American Spirit’.

Katy Perry picked up on smoking to calm her nerves prior to her wedding with Russell Brand. From that moment on, the ‘Roar’ singer has been a passionate smoker.

Gwyneth Paltrow has been spreading the word of her clean-living lifestyle through her site ‘Goop’. There she described her three-week detox program which helped remove toxins through organic food. But, the actress has also admitted to light an American Spirit smoke now and then.

Not surprisingly, Sarah Jessica Parker found her spot on our list of celebrities who smoke cigarettes. The ‘Sex and the City’ star has been spotted smoking on many occasions just as her character in the iconic TV series.

Rihanna is also a passionate smoker for the last decade. The singer has made cigarettes a part of her signature look, so we can often spot her holding one on photos and videos. Recently, she even suffered from severe bronchitis because of her bad habit.

Lady Gaga is part of the celebrities that smoke. She admits maintaining this habit because of her problems with anxiety. Once, during the BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, Gaga left the studio for a moment to smoke in the garage due to a nervous breakdown related to her ‘Perfect Illusion’ release.

Simon Cowell usually smokes 30 cigarettes per day. The entrepreneur and producer admits that’s his worst vice. However, he never smokes in front of his son because he doesn’t want him to pick up on the habit.

Kate Moss has been a heavy smoker for a long time now. The supermodel is known to smoke up to 40 cigarettes a day. She has even been spotted smoking on the red carpet during the BFA together with Naomi Campbell. Kate’s favorite cigarette brand is ‘Marlboro’.

Britney Spears has been smoking since 2002. The pop princess is a dedicated smoker who takes at least three cigarette breaks while working. Recently, she was spotted smoking during the Flaunt Magazine interview.

Lindsay Lohan is a well-known chain smoker. The troublesome actress is known to enjoy the luxury taste of ‘Parliament’. Back in 2012, during ‘Liz & Dick’ set, Lohan smoked up to two packs of cigarettes during the set. She took breaks almost after each filmed scene. And it looks like nothing has changed.

Ellie Goulding has recently partnered with Nike for the launch of a series of exercise tutorials for the company’s app. She now calls herself ‘a fitness freak’, but the singer still hasn’t quit smoking.

Robert Downey, Jr. regularly appears as a passionate smoker. The actor once tried to quit, but he started smoking shortly after. He’s mostly a cigar lover. Gurkha Grand Reserve and the Montecristo number 2 are his favorites.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also one of the celebrities who smoke cigars. He’s a passionate cigar lover and a regular guest in cigar clubs like Grand Havana Room.

Eva Longoria has been a closet smoker for a long time. She admitted that she’s ashamed of her bad habit and tried not to be captured while smoking. Still, the actress continues to be one of the celebrities that smoke regularly.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a lifelong chain smoker The actor has recently switched to e-cigarettes. However, this doesn’t decrease the harm done to his health.

Jessica Alba continues to smoke on a regular basis. Reportedly, the actress turned to cigarettes after giving birth to her daughter Heaven back in 2011, in order to lower her weight.

Miley Cyrus has recently indulged in a healthy lifestyle. She takes regular yoga classes and follows a gluten-free diet. However, she’s known as a passionate smoker. Although she quit smoking weed, the cigarettes remain on the menu.

Kate Winslet started smoking at 19. Ever since she is a passionate smoker with a specific taste in cigarettes. She loves to roll her own cigarettes, but she never smokes in front of her children.

Keira Knightley has often been seen with a cigarette in her hands both on and off set. Having an unusual childhood, the action star was allowed to smoke with her hippie mother while growing up. She still maintains that habit.

Katherine Heigl is also one of the celebrities who smoke. The actress is known to indulge in fine dining as well as in cigarettes. She’s usually seen to take cigarette breaks during sets.

Cara Delevigne is one of the UK celebrity smokers. However, she isn’t a chain smoker but does light up a cigarette occasionally.

Daniel Radcliffe loves smoking cigarettes and he especially enjoys rolling them himself. The actor shocked fans who still think of him as the little wizard.

If you have asked yourself ‘do any of the Real Housewives smoke cigarettes?’, the answer is yes. Dorinda Medley has been spotted smoking on set last year.

Jay Z is a famous cigar lover. The hip-hop king is one of the greatest fans of Cuban cigars. He turned his love for a good smoke into his own line of cigars, Cohiba Comador, in collaboration with General Cigar.

Demi Moore is also part of the celebrities who smoke club. She’s a lover of small cigars like Montecristo Joyita. She’s also a fan of Cohiba N.2 and Montecristo N.2

Jennifer Lopez is also an avid smoker both on and off screens. The actress-singer has also been spotted smoking cigars in some high-end events and clubs.

Penelope Cruz is also one of the female celebrity smokers. The beautiful actress’ favorite cigarette brand is American Spirit.

Pierce Brosnan surely enjoys a good smoke. Former 007 agent likes to puff a Cuban El Rey Del Mundo cigar on a good occasion. He even appeared on the Cigar Aficionado magazine.

Kristen Stewart is regularly seen with a cigarette in her hand. Cigarettes often are part of her editorials and also her daily life. The actress smokes mostly Camel, but she can also be seen with a Parliament.

However, some of the celebrities who used to smoke eventually dropped that habit. Adele, Pink, Ryan Gosling, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston are some of the celebrities who quit smoking.

That’s the list of celebrities who smoke. From singers to actors, many celebrities enjoy a puff or two, despite the many health risks. Find more celebrity news on CelebJury!