John Cena: The Story

John Cena was born to John and Carol Cena on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He spent his childhood there before attending Springfield College where he graduated with a degree in exercise physiology. After college, he pursued a career in bodybuilding and worked as a limousine driver. As a driver, John Cena’s net worth wasn’t anything to phone home about, but he quickly started to progress as a bodybuilder.

John Cena Net worth

In 1999 Cena began his training for professional wrestling in California, seeking to be a part of Ultimate Pro Wrestling. He wrestled with the league and even held the title for a short time before seeking further glory in the WWE. The World Wrestling Federation as it was called at the time, was home to many future foes like The Rock, the Undertaker, and Randy Orton. These WWE fixtures are no monetary slouches. The Undertaker’s net worth, Rock’s net worth, and Randy Orton’s net worth all rank up with Cena at the very top of the WWE. Cena never ran short of challengers and rivals, facing off repeatedly against all three of the aforementioned Pro Wrestling legends. Cena’s WWE salary of $9.5 million was the most of all wrestlers at the time. Cena won the title multiple times and even held the World Heavyweight title.

John Cena Net Worth

John Cena’s wife, Nikki Bella is also a prolific wrestler in the women’s circuit. Nikki Bella’s net worth, alongside John Cena’s net worth of $55 million, makes the pair the wealthiest pair in wrestling. Talk about a power couple! The two wed in 2012 and have been each other’s biggest supporters ever since.

John Cena Net Worth & Spending Habits

John Cena is one of the A-list’s biggest car collectors. His garage boasts over 20 classic muscle cars and is worth several hundred thousand dollars. John Cena’s car that he uses as a daily driver is a 1971 AMC Hornet muscle car. Cena’s house is located in Florida and boasts a pool, a cigar room, and a guest house. Cena and Bella appeared on an episode of Total Divas where they got to show off their house with another WWE staple, Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan’s net worth has been able to get him a beautiful house in Aberdeen, Washington. That house, however, is the same size as the guest house that is found on Cena’s property.

John Cena Net Worth

Something that contributes to Cena’s fame is his philanthropy. Working with the Make-A-Wish foundation Cena has granted over 500 wishes from people affected by life-threatening illnesses. He still carries the most wishes granted in the Make-A-Wish foundation. He has done work to raise cancer awareness through the WWE with the Rise Above initiative. Cena has also been a vocal presence in the WWE’s anti-bullying “Be A Star” campaign. John Cena is a fitting voice for this empowerment movement as America’s favorite wrestler.

John Cena Net Worth: CelebJury Ruling

It is always wonderful to see big names make big differences. John Cena certainly has made a big difference for many people. John Cena’s net worth was hard earned and well deserved. Stay tuned for more on John Cena and other celebrity net worth articles!