Ben Affleck: Story 

Ben Affleck was born in August of 1975 in Berkeley, California but later moved to Massachusetts with his family. He acted professionally through his childhood and moved to Hollywood when he was 18. Like most Hollywood hopefuls, Ben Affleck’s net worth didn’t shoot up immediately. However, he did find success relatively early. He co-wrote and starred in 1997’s Good WIll Hunting alongside the late Robin Williams, Matt Damon, and his brother Casey Affleck. Ben Affleck’s net worth received its first significant bump from the success of this film and the subsequent leading roles it earned him. He would later star alongside Matt Damon and Casey Affleck in more films. You can see Matt Damon’s net worth and Casey Affleck’s net worth here. Ben Affleck’s brother, Casey, is one of his staunchest supporters.

Ben Affleck Net Worth

After the success of films like Jersey Girl and Pearl Harbor, he set his sights on directing. He showed a quick affinity for it and began seeking out more directing roles. He co-wrote and directed Argo, which released in 2012 and was a smashing critical success. Winning loads of awards including the Academy Award for Best Picture. In 2005 he wed Jennifer Garner and they joined the ranks of A-list power couples. They remained married for 10 years until they separated in 2015. Jennifer Garner’s net worth since their divorce has only risen. That was around the time Affleck got affiliated with the DC creative universe. He took on the role of Bruce Wayne aka Batman and took a leadership and directorial role in the creative universe. The Ben Affleck Batman standalone film has been delayed, but is still set to release in 2018.

As of late he has been criticized for his conduct towards women, and is in turbulent waters for comments and actions made throughout his career. Despite contrite apologies and other distractions, Ben Affleck’s abuse is still a hot topic.

Ben Affleck Net Worth & Spending Habits 

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne is a much flashier character than Ben Affleck in real life. The actor/director doesn’t boast an expansive car collection. In fact, Ben Affleck’s cars are quite reserved as a collection. He has opted to drive the Tesla Model S, befitting to his environmentally conscious lifestyle. He has also been seen in a couple Mercedes’ as well as a Lexus and Land Rover.

What Affleck lacks in horsepower he makes up for in square footage. His two Southern California houses are valued at a combined total of $55 million dollars. The first of the two is a superbly located Los Angeles mansion. Estimated to be over 10,000 square feet, including a 2,500 square foot master bedroom. The next is a ranch in Southern California with over 8,800 square feet. Ben Affleck’s house sits on 11 acres.

Ben Affleck Net Worth

Affleck is a staunch supporter of the Eastern Congo Initiative. He has visited the region multiple times and donated as well as advocated on behalf of the charity. He is a member of Feeding America’s economic counsel as well. Ben Affleck’s charity is often found in his advocacy and raising of awareness for issues and programs.

Ben Affleck Net Worth: Celebjury Ruling 

Ben Affleck’s net worth is sure to continue climbing if the DC creative universe chooses to stick by him. The award-winning actor and director is not slowing down anytime soon. See him in Justice League, in theatres nationwide on November 17th.